Floyd Wickman conceived an idea about training real estate agents and turning them into sales professionals.  From that idea the Sweathogs Program was founded nearly 30 years ago on the philosophy, "We Get By Giving".  Floyd called on Ed Escobar to take this philosophy - design and implement a training program - and to mold that program into a workable solution. Today's Sweathogs Sales Training Program evolved from that foundation and has renewed itself year after year. This simple notion that success is the result of making the goals of both clients and customers the real estate professional's top priority is a philosophy that guides RealNet Learning Services today.

RealNet Learning Services came into being fifteen years ago, when it created RealNet Direct Television, the first high-power satellite service that brought real estate training directly into Realtor homes and offices across the United States. RealNet has evolvled into the Real Estate industry's leading independant training organization. Along with the most productive training program in real estate - Sweathogs, RealNet also offers the CBR (Certified Buyer Representative) and CLA (Certified Listing Agent) designations; the very effective NASP (New Agent Success Plan); Technology Training, and various Coaching programs.

The expansion started in 1999, when RealNet purchased Floyd Wickman Courses, including the Sweathogs program, and also purchased the CBR (Certified Buyer Representative) designation. During this period RealNet established a network of high quality, experienced trainers and educators throughout the United States, and today is the largest independent real estate training company in the United States. RealNet currently provides sales training, in the form of the Sweathogs , the
CLA (Certified Listing Agent) and the NASP (New Agent Success Programs), to real estate companies.  It also provides the CBR, NASP , and CLA (Certified Listing Agent) programs as designations to Realtor boards and associations in the United States and Canada. RealNet Learning is headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

Today as part of the RealNet Learning Services family, our products are recognized as respected real estate training systems and productivity tools. Sweathogs is the top “results-producing” training program in the real estate industry. The reasons why are simple - here are ten examples why we have top results. Our CBR brand has been selected by several state and local Real Estate Associations as their preferred "Buyer Agency" program.  CBR has a true "marketing" approach to working with buyers - no doubt a reflection of its association with the Sweathogs program. In addition, RealNet Learning Services offers a complete range of courses that address the specific needs of individuals throughout the different stages of their careers.

From “rookie-to-retirement,” our comprehensive career development plan can help agents, brokers and managers gain more control over career, income and life!  REAL PEOPLE, REAL SOLUTIONS...REAL RESULTS. 

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