Generate business immediately (Even as a New Agent) with the New Agent Success Plan!

It is often costly, difficult and time consuming to find training that helps new agents begin producing quickly. Even companies or boards with an in-house training departments can benefit from bringing in the New Agent Success Plan .  After all this program comes from the same company that also delivers both the most productive Sales Training Program in Real Estate - Sweathogs and the New Standard for "Excellence in Service" the CLA (Certified Listing Agent) designation for the listing agent.  RealNet Learning Services though its sales training programs has over 110,000 successful graduates! The NASP program is for agents entering the real estate industry, and focuses on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of real estate skills –

o How to generate prospects
o How to create and deliver listing presentations
o How to manage a transaction, and
o How to maintain effective communications with both prospects and clients.

New agents taking the NASP program benefit from starting their real estate career with 2 days of classroom training followed by 2 ‘tele-coaching’ calls (at 2 week intervals) with an experienced instructor.  This is a like receiving a full month of personal coaching.

The first two days of classroom study delivers a "boot camp style" portion of real estate basics.  The new agents dispatched with "specific assignments" to complete over the next to weeks.  Progress in monitored though email reporting.  The two ‘tele-coaching'  calls measures progress, compare successes,  and answers new questions.  The goal is to schedule listing appointments and secure a listing!

The bottom line: The NASP program utilizes experienced industry trainers to (1) show new agents how to become productive quickly, and (2) hold the agents accountable for carrying out basic sales activities over the 30-day period of the NASP program.

Course Highlights:

o An overview of the real estate industry
o Basic concepts, skills and perspective of real estate
o Sales ‘awareness raising’
o Script / dialogue creation with workbook (Words that Work)
o Introduction to contact management software programs
o Personal planning skills
o Two days of live content - delivery of the basics.
o Creating a business plan
o Acquiring customers
o Managing a transaction (state specific)
o Retaining the customer for life
o Two follow-up coaching calls spaced over a four week period
o Tracking results versus plan
o Building the business

How much does it cost and how can I enroll?
The NASP program costs $345 for Two classroom days of instruction and Two coaching sessions
A Total of Four Instructional Contacts.
Sign up by sending an e-mail to: NASP@realnetlearning.com
(we will locate the nearest available course location)

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