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About the program:

The single most difficult task for a real estate professional is learning how to become a consistent producer – meaning that an agent must learn proven, consistent methods to generate and retain clients. Make the decision now to enroll yourself or get your agents to enroll in the most proven sales training program in North America – the Sweathogs Program. The Sweathogs Program originated over twenty years ago, and since its introduction has graduated over 110,000 successful agents – whose documented productivity has more than doubled during the program! Take a look at our top results.  What is the secret of this amazing record?

It’s very simple:

  • We use only the best, most experienced trainers
  • We have a proven ‘spaced learning’ training process that focuses on technique as well as accountability
  • We require the Sweathogs students post personal production to a web based accountability program that graphically demonstrates weekly progress and development needs
  • We put Sweathogs students through one of the most intense and exhilarating experiences of their life

Accountability is a basic component in the Sweathogs training. We provide our students with web based tools so they may track and we can monitor their progress.
Please click here to review the Coaching and Accountability website.

Go to virtually any real estate gathering anywhere in the United States, and you will find Sweathogs graduates – they are the ones who (1) learned how to consistently generate business for themselves and their company, and (2) are still in the business! In an industry with an annual turnover rate of nearly 30%, bringing agents into the industry and maintaining them in an unproductive status may be one of the least effective and most counter-productive actions a company can make. From the very beginning, agents need to learn from the best in order to be the best!

What is the Sweathogs program? It is an eight week program, one day per week along with weekly assignments, that leads an agent through virtually every element of becoming a successful real estate businessperson:

  • Generating leads and finding home sellers
  • Qualifying and finding Buyers facilitating a reasoned, timely offer 
  • Prospecting and creating listing appointments
  • Time management and attitude development
  • Creating and delivering successful listing presentations
  • Learning how to handle objections
  • Learning how to utilize technology tools to become more effective
  • Learning how to work as a member and as a leader of a team
  • Understanding and working with home buyers
  • How to manage the transaction from initiation to completion
  • How to retain the client for life

Who is the Sweathogs program targeted at?
  • The agent who has been in the industry for at least one year – and whose production has ‘plateaued’ or is declining
  • The agent who has learned the ‘mechanics’ of real estate – but now wants to become a serious real estate professional
  • The experienced agent who wants a proven ‘refresher’ course in how to become a consistently successful producer

Agents taking the Sweathogs program benefit their real estate career with eight weeks of classroom training, access to an online accountability program to track weekkly progress, and weekly/monthly scheduled conference calls with an experienced instructor. The eight weeks of instruction are provided on a one day per week basis, with weekly homework assignments including the required postings of personal productions onto a webpage so the instructor can track progress – oh and penalties are assigned for lack of involvement or failure to complete the homework assignments. The program also utilizes the latest computer and web-based tools during the program in order to begin building a business database. The bottom line:

The Sweathogs Program is for agents who are serious about their career.

Sign up by sending an e-mail to: SHG@realnetlearning.com
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Sweathogs is the first giant step in career development for new agents and low producers. This popular course provides agents with the critical foundation of “how to,” self-disciplines, practical application and the accountability training today’s agents need to earn more and work less.

During the intensive 8 weeks of Sweathogs training, the average participant increases production by 200%. Each week participants turn what they’ve learned into live transactions.

Technology, buyer brokerage and open house training are just a few of the hot topics that augment the core techniques that have made Sweathogs the industry’s top results-producing training program since 1980. Graduates enjoy an average increase of nearly 30% the first year after training.

To Schedule a class for your office go to SHG@realnetlearning.com.

10 Reasons Why the Sweathog Program Gets Results Like No Other Training Program:
    1. “Education without application is worse than worthless.”
    Sweathogs training is spread out over 10 weeks. It takes this long for the students to fully absorb the material and apply it for success.

    2. “People are more apt to do what you inspect rather than what you expect.”
    Sweathogs participants are required to report activity and results each week. Programs that do not require results reporting are not as productive. Tracking activity and results creates FOCUS and ACCOUNTABILITY.

    3. “If you tell people how to avoid failure the result is success.”
    Sweathogs are given assignments to apply the material. Requirements produce directed activity, and this produces immediate results – for both the student and the company.

    4. “A group working together as a team, will always produce more than just a bunch of individuals.”
    Sweathogs work in teams. Programs that don’t require teamwork overemphasize the “independent contractor” mentality, and retention becomes a problem. Teamwork creates company loyalty and an agent support network.

    5. “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish, and you feed them for life.”
    Sweathogs role play each new technique in class. Programs that do not require participation and role play assume that when a student just hears something, he/she is automatically competent to perform. Role play dramatically increases the confidence level of students and dramatically increases the likelihood that they will actually use new dialogues and techniques in the field.

    6. “Programs without structured follow up are like working out one time.”
    Sweathogs are forever. No matter how far a student wants to progress in his/her career, RealNet Learning Services has the vehicle to get them to where they want to go. Sweathogs graduates are eligible for the Alumni Club and the Master Sales Society.

    7. “Frustration comes from knowing what to do, but not knowing how to do it.”
    The Sweathogs course is 90% “how-to” practical application. Programs that devote most of their time to theory and inspiration are not giving the students what they need.

    8. “The mind can absorb only so much in one day, or one week.”
    Sweathogs meet weekly for 5-hour sessions. Programs that meet for more than 5 hours, or more than one day per week violate basic training doctrines.

    9. “What good is teaching the middle, if the students don’t know the beginning or the end?”
    Sweathogs learn the entire sales process. Programs that only teach part of the process are like teaching half the alphabet.

    10. “Low producers cost companies the most money, require the most management and create the greatest turnover.”
    Sweathogs is specifically designed for the bottom 50% of agents. Programs aimed only at the middle or the top, are not solving company problems.

Agents participating in Sweathogs are guaranteed to learn:
  • Positive reinforcement, accountability and teamwork.
  • How to gain control of listings and sales.
  • How to make technology the backbone of your business.
  • How to handle objections.
  • Buyer brokerage and open house strategies.
  • Attitude control and time management skills.
The lasting effects of this course can be measured by the increase in bottom-line profits achieved through greater listing and sales production. This translates into thousands of dollars in additional gross commissions earned by the more than 95,000 real estate professionals who have completed the Sweathogs course.

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