TECH Enhance your overall productivity by joining Ed Escobar's Accountability Program heightening your skills through Technology!

Feel like you are always 'catching up' in technology? Take our Technology Coaching program and learn how to save time and increase your effectiveness.

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What is Ed Escobar's Accountability Program and how can I sign up?

1. You will build a personal LIFE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT PLAN.  This initiates an accountability program which would requires you to complete a simple steps that will track your productivity and time management.  Your plan will create both person and business budgets for dollar requirements, time management, goal benchmarks, and personal success.  Program feedback and instruction will be delivered via a conference call / internet meetings format with all attendees logging into RealNet's Teaching Platform so they may view the material and worksheets as a group.

2. You will have your own personal MANAGEMENT PLAN PAGE on www.Realnetlearning.com giving you  constant access to your personal growth.  These pages also serve as the guide to your trainer/coach to direct your growth with individual coaching. You will continually open your page to enter your daily and weekly activities, view where you are in relation to your Business Plan and monitor your Personal and Business budgets. If you fall behind achieving certain benchmarks; RealNet's system will create a warning flag in our system and both you and your coach will be notified.  We are serious about your success.

3. You will have access to training segments....Objection Handling, How to get buyers to buy Now, How to get sellers to sell at today's prices and others. You simply click on these prerecord "Mini-Coaching Segments" to help keep you on track.  We have found that access to these Voice Segment give agent just the lift they need to work though common problems.

4. Monthly conference calls are another tool to help in your development.  An agenda and topic details will be provided quarterly. We keep the topic details of this program timely by maintaining only a three month published agenda.  We can then select topic area's that are current and relevant to a changing market place..

5. Monthly e-mail reports - These are something you will be preparing as will you coach.  We want to monitor your progress in several ways.  This is also a learning tool that forces you to keep on top of your production goals

6. What does it cost? Only $19.95 per month! That is probably less than you pay now for your cable service - and this delivers SO MUCH MORE! To Sign up, click the button below. (By selecting the ORDER button below you'll be leaving the www.RealNetLearning.com site and switched to the Ed Escobar Coaching and Accountability Site. You will not be charged to visit this site. If you choose to join Ed's Accountability program you will have the opportunity to signing up for a recuring charge of $19.95/Month and to join the Accountability Program thorugh the EdEscobar.com site. You may back select your browser to continue on the RealNet site.)

RealNet also offers a myriad to training tools and motivational tapes.  As a program member, you are eligible for Discounts on these and also to future training events

Please E-mail Ed@RealNetLearning.com for Questions on the Accountability Program
Sign up by sending e-mail to: TECH@realnetlearning.com
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